I wish people knew that…


My A Level art mood board about Type 1. Including pictures of only diabetic friends, old omnipod insulin pods and my favourite inspirational quotes


Once upon a time a 12 year old girl was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Nearly 7 years on there is a few things I wish people knew…


  • Is 24/7 – there are no days off (not even Christmas!)
  • T1D affects around 400,000 people in the UK
  • Is a roller coaster of emotions and blood sugar readings
  • but somehow we keep positive – most of the time!
  • as no two days are the same and it can be frustrating
  • no we didn’t get it from eating too much sugar
  • there are two main types of diabetes
  • is nothing to do with lack of exercise
  • …or poor diet
  • and does not always come from elderly people
  • and diabetics don’t want to hear how a distant relative have their foot chopped off
  • we have to carry around life saving equipment every every day
My daily essentials


  • is not a death sentence if managed
  • but it nearly killed my best friend so it is very downplayed in seriousness 
  • and sometimes there is no explanation why
  • it is emotionally hard to deal with
  • and there is no such thing as a perfect diabetic
  • it causes 40% of diabetics to have an eating disorder
  • and burnout is common – it needs to be talked about
  • and its OK to ask for help
  • even though we aren’t alone sometimes we feel it
  • if we have a low blood sugar it is not because we did something wrong and we DO have to have sugar to bring our bloods back up
  • it is not cured by cinnamon or other herbal diets – not even by a low carb diet
  • it makes any common illness you get ten times worse
  • but makes us 10 times stronger
  • has given me the best friends
  • has allowed me to be part of an amazing community
  • … who feel like my family – some of whom i haven’t even met yet


  • if seen in a positive light has allows you to conquer and do some amazing things
  • but has led to struggles during exams and stressful times
  • but at the same time we forget everyone struggles 
  • its a hard job – theres no sugar coating it
  • and we SHOULD NOT be defined by our Hba1c
  • it affects the whole family not just the sufferer
  • and although we may not always say it were so thankful


  • my insulin pump doesn’t magically ‘do’ my diabetes for me – its not a pancreas!
  • and some devices we have to pay for…
  • we have to calculate all carbs in our head
  • … but we don’t get a maths degree (boo)
  • we can eat ANYTHING as long as we inject for it
  • diabetes doesn’t stop me from doing anything… i just need to be more prepared (good job i used to be a girlguide and scout!)
  • and it DEFINITELY does not define me
  • but to those who feel defined by it at the moment – one of my nurses called Sarah from my old team in Doncaster once told me ‘Life always has its ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like your entering a black tunnel with no light is sight – but you will come out the other side’ – that stuck with me and I hope it will stick we you too – keep going x


#Iwishpeopleknewthatdiabetes – makes me part superhuman (well thats what I used to tell the Beaver Scouts anyway!)

Lots of love The Backpacker and the Pod xxx


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