T1D looks like me?

So yesterday was Diabetes day! JDRF have set out on a campaign ‘T1D look like me’

Type 1 diabetes does look like me… kind of… but again its just branding us under an umbrella again – that doesn’t explain the person behind the diabetes. Theres so much more to me than my diabetes! It has to live with me – I’m not going to let it define me. So in this blog post Im going to show you that there is more behind me than my disease (I hate calling it that!)

T1D looks like…

The extremely ill 12 year old, hours away from death  (my last photo before my diagnosis – weighing in at diagnosis at just over 4 stone)



The cannula tan lines

The teenager who just wants a break – but knowing the relentless toll of T1 is 24/7

The knotting anxiety of being to low/ high

The 70’s looking technology

The amazing support from others *Ahem* #GBDOC


The girl who doesn’t take herself seriously

Yes, yes I did jump at the wrong time

The pet lover

The expectation passer 

Gold D Of E


Work Experience in Parliament


A family girl

The art lover

The adventurer

The charity ambassador

The type 1 diabetes care event volunteer

The roller coaster hater!


The friend

The blogger/ social media enthusiast!

 The geography student

The hockey player


Overall although Type 1 Diabetes may influence my life, it does so 95% of the time in a positive way. It allows me to raise awareness, have amazing opportunities and meet fantastic people! Without my Type 1 Diabetes (as weird as this is going to sound!) I think I would be quite a boring person! It makes me more grateful for everyday life, it has enabled me to meet some of my best friends who without T1D i would never have known. I love JDRFs ‘Type1D looks like me’ but I don’t want to be defined as my disease. First and foremost I am me.

Lots of love The Backpacker and the Pod xxx


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