Virtual cuppa anyone?


If you’ve found this post welcome. You’ve either found it through another Type 1/2 diabetic or a friend of someone with Type 1/2!
Type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be lonely conditions if you don’t know anyone and for the first few years of having type 1 I didn’t engage with anyone else with the condition – I get it – you don’t always want to talk about it.
For me now talking to people online has become the best part of having diabetes. Whether thats just saying high now and again to someone with diabetes or asking for someone to chat to when you’re up during the night with a low blood sugar.
I know its our condition but at the end of the day its always nice to have someone who fully understands.
So I thought id say hi – and welcome you into the ‘diabetes’ world with open arms.
The best of it is we don’t even talk about diabetes that much! We talk about travel, alcohol, cats and everything else under the sun.
If you’ve never chatted online to someone with type 1 or type 2 before because you haven’t found us – come join in on tweet chat on twitter at 9pm ever Wednesday! We have a different topic every week under the hashtag #GBDOC or just pop onto a Facebook group such as ‘You know you’re a type 1 diabetic when’, ‘gbdoc’ or ‘type 1 teens’ or just pop over to my twitter @lydiasara19 to have a chat!
If you’ve not talked to anyone before online because you just don’t want to talk about it thats ok too, just remember we are always here for you if ever you fancy a virtual cuppa.
Lets make this viral and say hello to all the T1d’s and all other type of diabetics  who just haven’t found us yet.
Virtual tea party anyone?
Lots of love, The Backpacker and The Pod xxx


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