Type 1 in Tenerife

So last month I visited Tenerife with Uni as part of our second year module. I’m not going to talk about what we got up to in detail – I’ll save that for my essays… Instead I wanted to tell you how I managed my type 1 in Tenerife… in pictures.

(Click on the pictures to find out more!)

As you can see from my libre my bloods were not always in range. Many different factors affect your blood sugars. The heat affected my blood sugars in a different way every day dependant on what we were doing. Walking makes my blood sugars high and then drops them and all between this I was carrying out fieldwork like everyone else. Did i have high blood sugars? Yes. Did I have low blood sugars? Yes. And did I have blood sugars in between? Yes! Same as every other diabetic on every other day of their lives! Type 1 despite the change in blood sugars did not affect me and I managed the trip the same as everyone else. I just ate a few more glucotabs and had a few more boluses of insulin here and there! The trip was fantastic and I learnt lots including how to take on type 1 in tenerife!

Lots of love The Backpacker and the Pod xox





One thought on “Type 1 in Tenerife

  1. Amazing story, would love to have someone give a report to my international audience this Sunday at 12 Noon (PDT). America’s Diabetes Hour, broadcast live from News Talk Radio AM 720 KDWN. Streamed live across the country and around the world.

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